Welcome to Hikikomori!


Hikikomori is a health project for young adults between 16 and 25 years who doesn´t work or study, and spend most of their time at home.


The purpose of the project is to offer you an early support to interrupt isolation. We want to meet you in the environment that suits you best; at home, via social media or at our location at KFUM (YMCA).


We meet every individual where they´re at and our work is based on your needs. Some of the things we offer are:


  • Visits at home
  • Support when/if you need to contact government authorities
  • Individual meetings
  • Support in meetings
  • Training in social activities
  • Group activities, for example visits at the cinema, board games, road trips etc.


Does this sound interesting to you, or do you know a person who you think would be supported by this?


Don´t hesitate to contact us!

Tove Olofsson tove.olofsson@umea.se 070 699 02 51

Ida Hörnsten ida.hornsten@umea.se 070 699 01 73 (on leave)

Love Sundlöf    love.sundlof@umea.se   070 950 04 65 

Lovisa Stenlund lovisa.stenlund@umea.se 070 611 13 22